Plotter Machine – P1


Plotter Machine - shoe making pantographs

For production, model creations and any special sole machining, Comas launches the new P1 machine. Versatile and dynamic, P1 aims to fill a need already present in any footwear factory. Versatile in its type of production, it carries out:

  • Matching templates for moulds;
  • Templates and presser plates for milling machines (F1, FNC, FD1-A);
  • Sole machining and decorations;
  • Cutting and engraving of plastic and metal laminates in general.

The multi-area vacuum table with the support of pneumatic clamps provides excellent blocking of the sheet to be cut, whatever the size.
The main feature that distinguishes the P1 is its sole working surface. Two V-placed references guide the pieces with accuracy, while a high depression system stops them during the milling, eliminating the need for additional supports and allowing highly complex machining in a very simple way.
The positioning of the retractable centring devices reduces setup times considerably. It is possible to switch from model cutting to sole milling without having to perform any retooling of the machine.
The two electro-spindles, that perform carving operations, can be integrated with:

  • Head for decorations, for small grooves and engravings (CRT1);
  • Head with a vibrating blade for special machinings (grooving) (CRTV);
  • Nailing head (optional);

Thanks to a strong structure in stabilized steel and a gantry portal movement system (the portal is pulled by two ball screws located on the sides), P1 reaches high speeds and dynamics, providing excellent machining accuracy.


Dimensions: 2000 x 1500 x 1600 mm
Working Plane: 1200 x 1000 mm
X-axis stroke: 1250 mm
Y-axis stroke: 1100 mm
Z-axis stroke: 80 mm
Spindle power: 2.2 kw
Spindle rotations: 8000 – 24000 rpm
Spindle collects type: ER25 – DIN 6499
Precision: +/- 0.010 mm
Air pressure: 6.0 bar
Installed Power: 7 kw
Electrical Power Supply: 400 V(triphase)