Automatic sole edge milling machine – FD1_A


shoe making milling machines

The FD1-A is the new proposal from Comas for milling soles with a template of response.

This machine is proposed as an alternative to the more advanced FNC and wants to replace the machines with the same operating principle, but with outdated technology. Milling is performed by powerful 5 kW spindles allowing the processing of materials more difficult to cut, the axis movement is made by brushless motors controlled by numerical control algorithms designed specifically for handling.

The implementation of programs for milling is the real innovation that the FD1-A introduces, the machine self-learns and stores the shape of the sole, the user from the touch-screen will define the different areas of work, and can set for each area:
• working feed
• pressure
• cutting speed
• spindle (first or second)
• tool height

These features are all stored on the machine and associated with the template to work. This system allows you to create milling of medium complexity in the shortest time. Another feature that makes special the FD1-A is the loading / unloading system. The soles are taken from the loader by a suction system, which couples the right and left, forming a pair; a clamping system takes the pair and puts it between the centering system, regulated by the operator.

After the work the unloading clamp system puts out the soles and takes it into the collector.

This system allows to work automatically most types of soles including the injected soles, plastic or rubber soles.
The machine is equipped with a 12″ touch-screen video, the numerical control is based on Windows CE platform, ensuring stability on the stored information.


Dimensions: 2500 x 1300 x 2000 mm
Max. Size Workable: 470 mm
Max. Tickness Workable: 80 mm
Max. Production: 200 Pair/h
Spindle Power: 8 kw
Spindle Speed: 8000 – 15000 rpm
Spindle Shaft Diameter: 19 mm
Precision: +/- 0.010 mm
Air Pressure: 6.0 bar
Installed Power: 18 kw
Electrical Power Supply: 400 V(triphase)