Automatic Pantograph dual indipendent worktable – PF3_A


Automatic Pantograph dual indipendent worktable PF3_A - COMAS shoe making pantographs


Completing the already ample range of machines for the realization of digging and sole decoration, comes the PF3-A.

The PF3-A is an automatic pantograph with a double independent board thought to execute digging for successive injection of non-slip plastic material, milling on the heel and obtaining welt from entire soles, both in leather and synthetic materials.

The sole is automatically centered with two coaxial V references on the top and on the heel, or with a V reference on the top and a lateral support (optional tool, thought for soles the centering of high heel soles).

After the centering the piece is blocked by a high depressure system, the operator himself, depending on the type of manufacturing can choose whether to keep the centering system open or closed during the milling.

The innovative concept that makes this machine definitely the most efficient and productive in its genre is the complete autonomy of its two work posts.

Every board has an independent loading/unloading system, this means that while a board is working the other takes care of the loading and the unloading, basically eliminating all the time wasted.

The operating head is equipped with two high speed electro-spindle, moreover they can optionally be equipped with heads to realize decorations on sole like:

CRT-1 head – Axis knife, heat roller and stamp, single tool
CRT-4 head – Axis knife, heat roller and stamp, four tools
CRT-V head – Axis vibrating knife
The graphic interface is simple and powerful, it allows to define the manufacturing and adjustments settings in a fast way that is clear for the operator.

The digital last generation electronics and the precision mechanics allow to reach a very high working speed promising at the same time high accuracy.




Dimensions: 1680 x 1750 x 1900 mm
Weight: 1650 Kg
X-axis stroke: 1100 mm
Y-axis stroke: 1000 mm
Z-axis stroke: 80 mm
Max. rapid feed: 60 m/min
Max. working feed: 30 m/min
Max Production: 350 pairs/h
Spindle Power: 2.2 kW
Spindle Speed: 8000 – 24000 rpm
Precision: +/- 0.010 mm
Air Pressure:
6.0 bar
Installed Power: 9 kw
Power Supply: 400 V(threephase)