Automatic nailing machine – N1


Automatic shoe making nailing machines

The real innovations offered by this machine are the easiness of use and the flexibility.
The nailing path can be created by CAD/CAM system or by self-learning with the help of a laser pointer, allowing you to make the most complex ornaments.

The function “repair” allows you to choose for each nailing step either to nail or not, so that you can fix any not fully successful nailing.
The second nailing head (optional) allows to execute to put two different kind of nails in the same model.

The easy user interface allows the operator to create and modify quickly the nailing program using some specific movement and scale functions.
The onboard size-grading feature put down the programming time. The working plane and the centering system are designed for a quick format change.

The machine can make nailing on soles, heels and soles with heels; without any set-up procedure.
As for the heels the loading can be performed automatically by the automatic loader.
The machine motion system, made with ballscrews and linear ball guides moved by brushless motors; reach high speed and the maximum precision on the work.


Dimensions: 1830 x 1720 x 1020 mm
X-Axis stroke: 400 mm
Y-Axis stroke: 400 mm
Z-Axis stroke: 80 mm
Precision: +/- 0.010 mm
Air pressure: 6.0 bar
Installed Power: 3 kw
Electrical Power Supply: 400 V(triphase)