Automatic laser marking machine – L1_A


Automatic shoe making laser machine

The L1-A is an automatic laser marking machine, this machine is a laser machine that is designed  and realized for the soles market, the loader and the collector system are built on the experience of our automatic machines, to minimize the dead time on the work cycle and to increase the production of the machine. The centering system allows to work without templates and saving on additional equipment.

The machine could be equipped with a 100W or a 250W last generation sealed and pulsed laser source, the 400x400mm workfield permits to mark the entire sole in one time, and obtain a perfect result with the smallest laser spot size.

The human interface is simple and easy to use, it can import all the standard raster (bmp, jpg, png…) and vector file (dxf,dwg,eps…).



Dimensions: 2000 x 1500 x 1600 mm
Working Plane: 400 x 400 mm
Z Axis Stroke: 150 mm
Laser Power: 100 / 250 W
Laser Source Type: Pulsed – Sealed
Production: 250 pairs/hour
Air Pressure: 6.0 bar
Installed Power: 5 kw
Electrical Power Supply: 400 V(trifase)