5 Axes CNC Pantograph Milling Machine – PF5-A



5 Axes CNC Pantograph Milling Machine PF5 A - shoe making pantographs

The PF5-A is an automatic pantograph that stands out for the ability to realize processings like millings, decorations, cuttings, “jurdan” processings and internal digging of the sole. The basic version of this machine has a 2,2 KW spindle for regular millings and a 3,5 KW spindle with quick tool change. This spindle can be equiped with:

  • An orientable aggragate head to work with a scrabble for the internal digging of the sole.
  • An head for knives to execute decorative operations;
  • A vertical tool (or similar) for milling processings.

At the same time, these operations can be done:

  • Milling with two tools;
  • Milling and decoration;
  • Milling and “jurdan” processing.

The possible association of optional heads (CRT1,  CRT4,  nailing head, CVBR) allows to have a variety of options and to cover a wide range of production in a dynamic and simple way.


Sizes: 2000 x 1250 x 1890 mm
Worktop: 192 x 420 mm
X-axis stroke: 480 mm
Y-axis stroke: 500 mm
Z-axis stroke: 80 mm
Spindle power: 2.2 / 3.5 kw
Spindle speed: 8000 – 24000 rpm
Spindle collets type: ER25 – DIN 6499
Precision: +/- 0.010 mm
Production: max. 250 pair/hour
Air pressure:
6.0 bar
Installed Power: 5 kw
Electrical Power Supply: 400 V(triphase)