A Empresa

In the shoes machinery industry for almost 30 years, COMAS has become in these last few years one of the most important world producers of milling machines for the processing of soles.

Its activity happens almost entirely in the new firm in Civitanova Marche, in a 1500 square meters area, where expert personnel works with the help of the most recent informatic tools of mechanic planning, using numerical control machines and the most modern equipment.

Usually at least the 70% of the machines made are destined for the domestic market, but COMAS is a part of the most important european and non-european markets, among them especially Portugan, Spain, Germany, Tunisia, Greece, Lebanon and China.

COMAS has satisfying its clients in their most demanding requests as a primary objective.

Proud of the perfomance/price ratio of its models, COMAS is always looking for challenges and thanks to the constant support from its clients the company aims at a continuous evolution. Clients’ backup is the principal boost.